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C L A U D I A. LAMY calls herself a 2D, 3D, 4D Augmented Reality Installation Artist thus multimedia artist-centered in the Washington DC area. She holds a holistic view of art-making that concentrates on sharing the artistic process as part of the art work. Her methodology involves intuitive direction combined with structural spaces to bring forth the symbolic consideration of #everydaylife. The construction of each piece involves a blind faith of intuitive direction, unknown play development, experimentation of layered concepts, materials stylized that act as a storyboard to herself and those open to investment into an internal dialogue.      

C L A U D I A. LAMY believes that her diverse occupational background fuels her experiences as an artist. That includes Business, Fashion, Human development, and Creative Direction. Much of her methodology and content is derived from her time providing therapeutic care to clients on the autism spectrum.                          

C L A U D I A. LAMY adopted many aspects of her hands-on training into her art-making, such as therapeutic play, creating a safe space, understanding motivation and the skill of observation.  She is invested her time learning about energy, and other elements within the development of human interaction and collaboration.  Her art-making process involves interacting with other artists, non-artists, and creating participatory interactions for the viewer. The installations are designed to create a surreal space that invites an unknown experience to the viewer and or participant.  Art allows the possibility of viewers a sense of control to be open and vulnerable. This is usually prompted by actions taken by the artist herself; she extends herself to the viewer or the participant authentically and only asks that the viewer respond authenticly. This initiates a valuable exchange between the artist and the viewer; and ultimately, the viewer and themselves.            

C L A U D I A. LAMY wants viewers to engage with the work and to allow it to spark a sense of self awareness and reflection. 

Thesis and Fashion.jpg

 Community Involvement

Luther Rice Fellowship Recipient

"Dear Claudia,


I can not tell you how much we appreciated your work. ...You brought together what your colleagues had started into a wonderful, unified, whole, that does exactly what the artist had intended. Thank you!!”

Monika Hirschbichler, Ph.D.

Exhibition Coordinator

The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum


Face Interpretation Cooperative Panel 



3D Powder Printing 

Handheld Scanner Sense, Sculptris, Netfabb, MeshMixer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Rhinocerous



Concept of Cooperative Sculptural Octagon Tile Panel, 


Professor Davide Prete


Mother Nature, 2016 Carey Milliron

Looking Within, 2016 claudiaLAMY

The Multi-Tasker, 2016 Virginia Fisher

Filagre, 2016 Victoria Meyers

The Incredible David, 2016 David Schilp

Hexagon Tile Wood Base, 2016 Lorenzo Cardim

Q: What do you hope to pursue after graduation?
A: I aspire to own an art services business that meets the needs of an evolving society. I believe artists have the opportunity to influence audiences with the experience of free expression and authenticity. Being a part of Career Quest and hearing from various art and performing arts companies provided me a realistic view that the steps that I am taking academically are aligned with my larger professional vision.  

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