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Vision  is to create an empire of thought and action in public spaces using art in a practical way to improve social standards, to create communities of upgraded individuals that make up cultural systems. The individual follower is the the catalyst to change. 

One Washington Circle Hotel Proposal
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Welcome TO

The Power of Art layering for cultural development.



It started in my youth seeing the huge mint green LAWN chair I would see coming to Georgetown were my fathers clients lived. (Giant Adirondack Chair at Duke Ellington School of Arts, Washington D.C.) I will add that I didn't sit on it until my commitment to go full time for my Fine Arts degree at Corcoran School of Art and Design decades later. Than it continued during my business undergrad at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Where I was surrounded by murals of vibrate colors of people and animals.  This is the imprint in #everydaylife that I enjoyed in my routes.  

My dream was to create a large mural one day and it came true on August 2014 at Aiton Elemenernary School in NE Washington DC. The new principal wanted to greet her new students with a grand gesture of the power of learning with positive imagery.  

Now my vision is to connect with the right spaces to bring new opportunities of integrating my love of large scale painting, installation and augmented reality technology.  Curating public spaces that enhance thoughts through imprints of imagery that inspires and invites for deeper possible layers of conversations.  

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