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Positive Intimate Consensual Exchange




I am asking for you to send me a VIDEO OF YOU Sharing your description of a positive intimate consensual exchange. 


Why I am asking for video?


My thesis presented at the Corcoran NEXT 2018, Intercambios Lullaby was inspired by my passion in sharing my view of feminine energy through the deconstruction of cultural perceptions to create a space of thought to reconstruct our relationship with the female nude form. The surreal, still life installation provides multiple ideas as in a dream context of our everyday life. 


Part of everyday is filled with facial exchanges, what translates when asked to communicate a consensual exchange.  I want to highlight the aspect of a positive consensual exchanges through a visual time based media piece for a follow up project to my thesis.


As a student of the “Wheel of Consent” by Betty Martin, I learned about the power gained through the understanding of exchanges from the four quadrant system. The Wheel of Consent is made up of the exchanges of giving, receiving, allowing and taking. Please view the website to get a clarity on the system.   



The Exchange

The exchange aspect that I feel I will be focused on the power of demonstrating the allowing and taking through this participatory piece.


I would demonstrate a uncomfortable request  and ask for what I want: 


I would like to have you send me a video selfie of your face expressing a positive consensual intimate exchange for the use of my time based media piece.  At this stage my initial intention is to use your facial expressions without the audio in a montage of frontal profiles sharing their experience.  Part of the exploration is the collection of footage that depending of what I receive would redirect the project. The project will be presented for public viewing.


If you send the video you would be allowing the use of the video, thus using your own power to make a choice. This may not serve you, thus you recognize the potential enjoyment of participating and can also consent with sending a video with a  power of NO. (AUDIO is welcome for the No.)

To Participate:


2. VIDEO to Drop Box Request 


Please send a written email to to consent the use of your video image and audio for her art work on the themes of consent, energy and sexuality.

I _______________ consent to allow the use of my video selfie of my description of a positive intimate consensual exchange I've had for the use of public art showing for the work of Claudia Lamy's work on the themes of consent, energy, sexuality. I have submitted my video through email to or  on_______________ 2018. 

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